A Comprehensive Guide and Review of 72 Sold And Houzeo: Top flat fee MLS providers

A Comprehensive Guide and Review of 72 Sold And Houzeo Top flat fee MLS providers

As technology increases, the real estate market has seen significant changes in this period. However, technology is crucial in molding old and traditional real estate practices. In the era of all these innovations, one thing that has gained popularity is fee MLS. It is popular because it is highly cost-efficient and convenient for customers. In this article, we will talk about the two main streams of domain – 72sold and Houzeo. Moreover, we will learn about their benefits, services, experience, etc. So that you can make the best decision when choosing the flat-fee MLS. 

The rise of a flat fee MLS

In the era of growing and competitive real estate markets, people prefer to look for ways to maximize their profit and minimize their expenses. This way, we can make the best deal for ourselves and the users. Flat-fee MLS is a widely used alternative to traditional real estate agents. Flat-fee MLS allows users to list their properties on the MLS without paying any high commission fees. 

Understanding flat fee MLS services

Flat-fee MLS services are one of the desired services provided by deals to sellers. They are a cost-efficient and effective method of exposing our properties to a larger audience and potential buyers. People prefer flat-fee MLS because we must pay a one-time upfront fee instead of a percentage-based commission. 

Flat-fee MLS characteristics

Flat-fee MLS refers to services allowing sellers to list their properties on the MLS. This is attainable for both buyers and sellers. The sellers do not have to pay the traditional commission; they can pay a flat fee for their properties to be listed here. 

Cost: The flat-fee MLS’s price may vary from place to place. However, the one-time fee of the MLS may range from some hundred dollars to some thousand dollars. 

Services: MLS services allow buyers and sellers to be featured on the list. This exposure on the MLS eventually increases the property’s visibility to good and desired buyers and sellers. Moreover, buyers and sellers can also get additional services based on their package, but users have to pay extra costs for these additional services. 

Seller’s responsibility: If you are one of those users who utilize the flat-fee MLS services, you must look for many other duties. Some responsibilities are negotiations, showings, handling inquiries, paperwork, etc. You must also maintain a good and infectious relationship with the buyer’s agent for a better deal. 

Potential savings

One of the main benefits of flat fee MLS services is that they are highly cost-efficient and can potentially be used to save money. If we opt for the flat fee MLS, we can save a great amount of money instead of the traditional commission method, where we have to pay a large, unnecessary amount to the sellers. 

Introducing 72Sold

72Sold is one of the growing and leading flat-fee MLS service providers, which helps users by providing a straightforward approach regarding listing their properties for a fixed fee on the MLS. Along with listing, it also offers extra services such as lockboxes, yard signs, professional photography, etc. It helps in enhancing the appeal of the listing. On 72Sold, the management will list your home on Thursday and Friday, and later on Saturday, a meeting will be organized where you will get to see the respective buyers for your property. Various meetings are organized for 15 minutes. This way, the customers can pass by one another and look for competition among them. After the process, you will receive an offer to examine it on Monday. If you find the deal good, then you can lock it. 

Exploring Houzeo

Houzeo is another platform for flat-fee MLS services. Likewise, 72Sold, Houzeo provides a cost-efficient way to list properties without paying a hefty commission. However, it also offers a wide range of services for selling properties to buyers. It is a user-friendly and effective way to list properties and provides user–friendly services. 

A comparison of 72Sold and Houzeo

72 Sold and Houzeo provides flat-fee services, which help list the properties for the buyers. Both platforms have some differences, which we have discussed below:

  • Pricing

72 Sold, and the Houzeo offers different price structures based on the property. However, if you intend to enjoy the services, you should compare the prices according to their needs and requirements. 

  • Additional services

Both platforms provide additional services, but these extra services may vary. 72Sold provides services like professional photography and yard signs, while Houzeo offers a comprehensive online platform and seamless transactions. 

  • Customer support

To enjoy both platforms’ services, look for responsiveness and customer support availability. You can also examine this during the critical selling prices. 

Tips for maximizing flat fee MLS services

If you want to enhance your selling experience and make better deals for yourself, you should definitely maximize flat-fee MLS services. However, here are tips for gaining the utmost benefit from your MLS listings. 

Accurate and detailed listing information

Make sure to fill in all the necessary details regarding your property. Accuracy and comprehensiveness will help you get the best deal and gain trust from the buyers. You should also provide the detailed property structure, such as the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, lot size, square footage, amenities, renovation, etc. If you provide detailed information, you might find potential customers. 

Competitive Pricing

Make sure to price your property competitively. Look after the market price and compare the properties and their structure from your property. Go for the realistic pricing list. Overpricing and underpricing can be harmful to both the buyers and the smaller. 

Professional quality photograph

Professional-quality photographs play an important role in attracting prospective buyers. Hire a professional photographer to take images of your property to attract people to your house’s unique selling point. This will make your home look more appealing and vibrant, generating more interest. 


Flat-fee MLS services are considered the new revolution in real estate. The sellers can sell their properties without paying that traditional commission, which is unnecessarily high. As we have compared the best platforms, such as 72Sold and the Houzeo, the customer can choose them according to their needs and requirements. If you are looking for a platform that can be a game changer for all homeowners and provide you with a transparent and user-friendly platform. 

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